The Opening of the Amethyst House

1. The Opening Of The Amethyst House

Memo: From the Newspeakpoem 1.1.2 21N33.6

What use are words…When we have lost their meaning, they that once contained the quinine of our dreams, our antidote and the bishus is just nom gone as for Shinto, it barely existed.

But the old high language we knew: Thanatos thearos creatrix, egasrtos. Iberatus, unellio, kef.

The web consumed it.

I have here the last words the Wild Lady spoke:

Will I ever translate it into the lexicon of the cellular, the heart, the spirit, the rainbow Rosella flashes by; an agony of dream. Am I awake or dreaming in the sea? Cross reference the hemisphere. I am so tired I have forgotten speech. Can that be possible from a wordsmith? My soul is tired and my sister is waiting for my shade. Andiamo.

And then she, dying wrote the last words, her fingers bleeding. It is hard to read even now.

It is truth dying, jeweled in the dragon’s eye, except for the central nexus: zero. I hear them, the Queen bee in the hive humming, I know many answers they hum, what question lies beneath weaving flowers into hon. Who met the ice lynx? I did my sweet, a perilous…

It is now unreadable.

She had many words the Wild Lady. Used them well. She had said that once we had tawny woods full of words, bound behind the oaken doors before the priests forgot to feed the wild birds, and the sea died. And some of this legacy she bequeathed me, heir to the dance of Krystos and Ariadrix. For I sensed the maze of words, the many by-ways, the contoured maps and I heard the keepers, the wise rats and……

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