First Convocation of Archo-Anthropology

Inaugural Address on First Planet Catastrophe

1st Convocation of Archo-Anthropology

Celebrating 10 Decans of Scholarship

Inaugural Address on First Planet Catastrophe


Julian Morrow

Translated Xien Chou

Abstract: Fragments from an Ancient Past

In undertaking any study of First Planet Catastrophe we must first acknowledge that we are working in an academic environment that is somewhat undermined by supposition, romantic speculation and emotional association. We need to do this, for in acknowledging our collective sub-clinical preoccupation with a historiography that is traumatic and traumatizing, we may set ourselves free. For despite our endeavors in many areas of investigative practice, it would seem that we still cling to archaic ideations in the area of bloodlines and inheritance. I ask your indulgence in this matter, fellow scholars, for I know it is an emotive and provocative matter. Nonetheless, true scholarship must transcend manifold dimensions of disparate contentions.

Let us review what we know as fact. Few other theoretical disciplines understand our passion for collecting data of ethnographic & social anthropologic significance as we do, for we are engaged in a meticulous study of material in order to distil meaning out of the identifiable events that conspired to bring about First Planet Catastrophe. The most significant find or site for our new knowledge has come from the ruins of Steklov (1). located close to the continent we believe was called Sub-Prime Antarctica. In the ruins of that city, while excavating for soil cores, we discovered a small enclosure which contained a number of cylinders of an indefinable metal which we later found contained cryptograms on small silicon platelets. We have recently has some success with decoding the encryptions & we are indebted to the scholars of the Neuro-Linguistic Faculty for their work in this domain (2). Linguists now call these encryptions Usbers. One of our major difficulties in researching this primitive civilization has been language. The social platform of that ancient time, lost in mists of speculation has only been handed down as an ambiguous and fragmented oral tradition. Pure mathematicians using quantum probability & soil analysis have suggested that First Planet Catastrophe took place around the year (Anna Domni) of 2033 (3).

The polizens of that time appeared to use an anacrynomic dialect, particularly in their sciences; (and I wish to describe their process as properly scientific for reasons I will analyze in a later publication.) The first Usber I will be reading from appears to be a non-fictionalized account of real world happenings. We are now able to distinguish that this civilization existed within a real world and a virtual world which they described as a consensual hallucination. (4) We have, at this time, no idea of why they did this. Some theoreticians have hypothesized that their social skills had become so impoverished that they were unable to cope with basic human interactions (5). Certainly their linguistic base was small and unimaginative; this lack of clarity in the first domain of human speech has also resulted in Neuro-Philosophers disputing the taxonomy of their classification as a human/mammal species (6).

You will all know that I have specific, well publicized views in this contentious area (7). I believe that they were human, that although they were unable to evolve beyond a base level of ethical determination, and appeared to be equally incapable of enacting a simple executive synthesis, we must remember that they lived in a time of chaos and cruelty. Unfortunately, they did not seem to have enough time to orchestrate a proper range of logical and intellectual evolutions. These were polizens who lived at the very lip of a chasm of unprecedented technological change and were unable to resist gratification. It may well be that in Species Taxonomy such a genus should not have been categorized at such a high level. It was not until the Cetians agreed to accept the possibility of this classification that we have had some consensus on the entire matter (8). I do not wish to reignite that debate today. Suffice it to say that we agree on some components of the taxonomy & disagree on others.

There has been considerable jocularity in academic circles about the idea of this Civilization designing devices they described as Time Capsules. Again we are unclear as to what could have motivated this behaviour. (9) Nevertheless I will ask you to suspend your levity for this afternoon and try and engage with this material that is thousands of years old. It was a fortuitous discovery and I believe it will form the bedrock of new studies in this area. I will read from a section entitled The Singularity. We have no idea who authored the platelet or its purpose but from such humble, material beginnings we have, in the past, been able to formulate new premises about First Planet Catastrophe:

The Singularity Order

Welcome and acknowledgement of country.

Present: Quorum

Apologies: Zilch

Minutes of 5th Meeting, meeting accepted minutes.

Quorum of members present, minutes from last meeting accepted. No business arising.


Motion: That the problem of Panlogism in a Transhuman world is becoming a new dichotomy and must be addressed by the Academy. Proposed: Clairwell. Seconded : McClure.

Motion carried

Motion: That we must organize to ensure that we continue to be conscious artisans rather than instruments of blind faith in social and/or technological filtered systems of knowledge base management schemata. Proposed: Landow, Seconded: Jack B.

Motion carried

Motion: That we recognize the power of new living organisms including silicon based life forms and that they have predictable governing rules; but we must be prepared for a range of quantum unpredictability. Proposed: Doucet, Seconded: Ringwood.

Motion carried.

Motion: That we actively articulate in public Media Market that all software is now being genetically encoded, without adequate research, methodology and/or teleology. That we leak this info carefully due to Terrorism & Sedition Provisions of New World Order. Proposed: Pickford, Seconded: Plowman.

Motion carried

Motion: That we recognize that humans no longer have priori right to claim hierarchical alpha position in the apex of pyramid of living beings. We are being superseded by our own nano-knowledge based creations. Proposed: Ayres, Seconded: Edge.

Motion carried.

Motion: That we recognize that we have now created mental extensions of humanity in a virtual world over which we have absolutely no control nor the intellectual or computational power to predict events even within mathematical matrices. Proposed: Pickford, Seconded: Dilhurst

Motion carried.

Motion: That Intelligence must be re-defined, technology is no longer determined but self-determined. Proposed: Clairwell, Seconded: Subrosa

Motion carried.

Motion: That we prioritize, and with great urgency, the need to become one of the creators of The Singularity, rather than be helpless victims of combustion of knowledge based power. Proposed: Denton, Seconded: Anton

Motion carried

Motion: That all persons working under the chameleon stricture should secure their own technology, immediate family. Proposed: Clairwell, Seconded: Obrien.

Motion carried.

Motion: that we acknowledge that The Singularity is imminent, and need to shape immediate future plans that are practical and will ensure our genetic survival. Proposed: Alwyn, Seconded: Kai

Motion carried.

Other Business arising:

Inner City Super Hack meeting Tuesdays as per usual, all activities will remain in camera until timing is appropriate.

Please note that Weather Modeling Systems no longer have verifiable statistical probability and have become highly unstable.

Further meetings must be held in a new location; bio-security fields are on the verge of being compromised.

Next Meeting, same time next week.

This Usber is undeniably fascinating, it is comparable, I believe, to the findings at the fabled ruins of Helsinki(10) in its implications for our studies. Let us examine it with some care, fellow scholars, for we have yet to find any documentation that is comparable to it. In terms of its actual language construction we can deduce from its repetitions of words such as motions, seconded, proposed that it was a formal document of some kind, although there are occasional lapses in terminology such as info and Super Hacks which suggest that it was not generated by a system based group. Let us remember that we are still unable to translate their codification in language terms and much of this material will remain gibberish until we acquire more units of language meaning, Panlogism is an excellent example of their deficiency in manipulating meaning(11). More significantly the title of the encryption suggests, of its very nature, that the Ancients were capable of transcending individual desires and working collaboratively.

I would like to suggest that the meeting of The Singularity Order may be construed as a metaphor, a symbol, that the concept of hope was of highest priority for this particular group of Ancients. There are several references that imply the need for secrecy and maintaining security. One of the more interesting references appears, not in the body of the work, but in the subtext regarding biosecurity fields, in camera and new location. We do not yet understand fully their concept of The Singularity. In his groundbreaking work, Keaney(12) has suggested that:

The Singularity was a phenomenon that the ancients postulated as a moment in time, objective rather than subjective time, when a developmental discontinuity in terms of technological power would supersede all human dimensions of knowledge….such a phenomenon could only be diverted by a planet wide catastrophe.

I would suggest to you all that given the contents of this encryption Keaney’s discourse is becoming more and more verifiable. Above all we need to analyze the substance of work without rigor and avoid irrational speculation. The First Motion defies a logos translation. It has been debated in other circles that the Ancients were involved actively in purloining genetic codes from other species and subsuming that material within their own Codex of biological material, that they conducted hideous experiments on other living beings to achieve this goal. It is not surprising that they have been characterized as primitive in the most disturbing way. To quote Keaney again:

The Ancients could be compared to rogue amoeba cells, primitive and demanding, engorged with the genes of any random species and surprised by their own stupidity…In general their lack of executive synthesis, in terms of cognition, can only be compared to an architect standing on air, yet building higher structures in that air, while ignoring any basic understanding of foundation. They could not assimilate the first principle of interdependence in ecological systems…(13).

We, here today, must strive to go beyond our initial reaction of horror and dismay at their practices of carnage and corruption. We must leave emotion and seek our own synthesis in attempting to understand them. It is not an easy task. And yet we must seek to distil our knowledge within the limited resources available to us. Let us continue to review the encryption. Motion 4 is of particular significance and it implies that The Order was working in a clandestine environment, working under conditions that we would have difficulty imagining. We know that the concept of Terrorism was a major force in that time, determining a range of social, and political networks. We are still unclear as to what the word means.

It is not within the scope of this address to offer more than an overview of this Usber; to offer a fashioning of a set of diagnostic tools with which we may re-discover that strange and haunting world that constitutes the Ancient’s past. We are the living embodiment of species that have learned from the fatal, causal errors of our past behaviors. The Ancients, patently, did not. I offer no apology for them; they were so clearly devoid of ethos. But it is possible that they had potential to become more than the sum of their global parts. I, personally, would not be worthy to stand before this remarkable Convocation and pretend to possess an overarching, evidentiary cache of knowledge in this fascinating area. I direct you all to the Appendices attached and acknowledge the work of so many scholars on whose endeavors my own intellectual position stands. Before I conclude I would like to offer you another extract from a different Usber which has implications for any understanding of that much maligned past; maligned with reason and without malice. We believe it is fictional; and many scholars report that they have been unaccountably moved by this transcript. With this last enigma I will conclude my speech. Once again, like mist drifting across a river, we need to engage with shifting boundaries of knowledge about the platelet’s origin and who could have authored it. We have, instead, a wondrous opportunity to engage in a sustained discourse with the layers and textures of a world which existed for a fragment of time before the prelude to First Planet Catastrophe. From an Ancient author:

Dialogue with Bach’s Cello Concerto in D Major

O dark-brown, velvet wings of music, your feathered notes gather in my heart like the prelude to a storm. Were you, too, God-born in Hades, craving light and air, carving skin back to bone, muscle, nerve, screaming, soaring across skin and ears, trembling with memory, the ache of sound and perfection. The viscera of dreams drawn from the arch and fall of the daemonic bow.

You sang through trees once, heard the ancient beat of the gnarled heart, the smooth-rough surface of tree-skin, warm bark, transgenic; we communicate you and I; me with my tangled roots and hair furled through branches in the green-grey gloaming; I was leaf-blood, photosynthetic, reaching for light and the thin rain of spring; reaching for strung notes in the canopy beyond the sky, beyond the stars as Venus sets beyond the mountains and evening drops like a carapace. In that place of Dryads and ancient spirits, you were shaped and orchestrated from aged wood.

In the warm bowl of your music I become, again, the original primitive, protogenetrix of a thousand years, my genes will span the planet like lei lines, splitting and arcing and re-configuring in the surging of music as we dance under fat moons and stars that curl on the edges of the cosmos; we will feed on leaf mould and magic as the echo of each note vibrates in the viscous marrow of our bones, in the hush of blood, on the lips of the last lover; night shining in his eyes, the warm-wet flesh of endless conduits of communion; windows of lace and lust, champagne and cognac while in the whorl of eardrums the music traces the shell-shaped spiral of melody and tears. Beneath all the wasted tumescence of lovers’ words, music roamed, searching and unsatisfied.

Sound lingers on my skin, like salt slick from sea foam and then you leave but only for a moment, silence, the Concerto waits for the beginning of the world, for the beginning of a breath, in the stasis before the beat of a heart, it gathers itself inward. Tidal pull, the flesh of old moons as the music curls and circles, leaving me empty with longing, speechless, husked like a seed pod and then grows as luscious as a sea-anemone and the opalescent gleam of squid, as endless as the ocean coiled, one note flowing through another, flooding the holes that are torn in succulent, restless nights and in a thousand bruised tears or stars hung like crystals, strung beads amidst the bones of the white ghost gum. Reverberating through the tomb of Orpheus, pulsing and unfulfilled amidst shades and spirits and the majestic presence of Persephone, unable to yield to life or the living song of breath.


1. See: Rees, Martyn, Steklev: dream or Nightmare? Journal of Atronomics, Vol. 12, Pp.3-87, Rees believes that the Ancients had developed a device called LHC which may have had the necessary energy to warp space/time continuum. This may have led to the development of the first of the events which the Ancients described as Black Holes.

2. See: Luxa, Rosa: Did the Ancients have enough Neruoplasticity to master a Lingua mentalis? Journal of Neuroplasticity, Vol. 87, pp.51-276. Luxa has conducted significant research with the last living descendents of the Piraha tribe who remain the only bloodclan with access to oral history.

3. See: Xaunus, H. Purity, Past and Future. Journal of Quantum Matrices. Vol 5. Pp.231-895, for quantification analysis. It remains unclear what A.D or Anima Domni may have meant as a chronological term.

4. See Xuu, Divii for Cetian Archive XXII for translation of this phrase

5. See: Gizmo, J. in Language and the Shuttle Journal of Archo-Anthropology, Vol 7. Pp.1-95.

6. See numerous articles in Journal of NeuroPlasticity particularly Keaney, Gerald. for a discussion Taxonomy: Human Engineering, is there a boundary? Vol l-8. Pp.15-612.

7. See: Morrow, J. First Premise Language as Conductivity to Culture translated by Guxama, Jun.

8. See: Webb, M. Ethos: Interspecial Report on Probability Causation presented at First Inter Species Convocation

9. See: Wentworth.A. Past Indicators to a Forgiven Future in Journal of Neuro-Anthropology, Vol 7, Pp.7-79.

10. See Schliemann, H, translated by Wallenski.D Helsinki Unde Seine Ruinen in Journal of Ethno-Historicity. Vol 11, Pp9-304.

11. opcit. Cetian Archive. Vol, 28.

12. Keaney, A: A Technological Matrix: The Paradox of Teleology in the Ancient World. Translated by Jun Chou III, P.79. Held by Cetian Archive Vol.16.

13. op cit. Keaney A. p.243.

Kate McNamara Feb 2008

KateMCNamara Copyright 2008

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