Convocation of the Board of General Humanity

Convocation of the Board of General Humanity Convened by Kate McNamara

“I confirm that under the Constitution/Trust Deed of XYZ we have a quorum and I declare the meeting of shareholders/beneficiaries properly constituted. The annual General Meeting of the Board of General Humanity is declared open and the meeting is called to order. I would like to welcome elected representatives from
the Minister for Gross National Happiness,
the Minister for chooks,
the Minister for aliens, Daleks and spacecraft,
the Commissioner for children,
the Minister for treason, the disaffected and all those silenced,
The minister for the living,
Minister for washing and Regina Lavoratum,
Minister for the dying, the hallowed dead and associated multinational drug companies,
Minister for Futorolgy
The coroner, The treasurer, The necromancer
Minister for Conformity,
Minister for yoga
Are there any apologies, proxy voters or representatives from alien nations ?
The meeting shall proceed

I advise the meeting that members of the press and non-shareholders may be present.

Are there any apologies from shareholders?

As The Notice of Meeting has been circulated to all Shareholders, I will take it as read.

Proxies have been lodged by13.shareholders holding 13.shares, representing 13% of the ordinary issued share capital of the company.

“I advise that directors have confirmed that the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on are a true and correct record of that meeting. Copies of the minutes of the meeting are available in the universe.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, I move that we adopt the Financial Statements and Auditors report for the year ended July 2005.

“I request a shareholder to second the motion
Necromancer: I second the motion

“The motion is now open for discussion. Before inviting questions and discussion from shareholders I shall briefly review the year.

We request a report from the Minister for Gross National Happiness
Min for Happ: If God is a pervert suffering from an obsessive compulsive disorder where does that leave humanity. A great ox stands on my tongue
Magus: Minister for the dying Arts.(carried in coffin to the table)
Min for Arts: We would like to report on the range innovations in the area of human contraception including developments across the politics of the new Erotica to fur-preventing pregnancy gloves to the simple aesthetic of how to make a single piece of text look beautiful on the page. Philosophically we continue our commitment bio-diversity. We need to prowl the indecent horizons of new artistic practice as much as we need to subvert the insidious dictates of the dominant cultural paradigm. While doing this we must struggle not to de-stabilise our host environment too much, namely an arts environment of funding bodies, bureaucrats, critics, media and cultural pundits, or we risk our own survival and end up as compost on the forest floor . I would like to advise our shareholders that we are on the brink of extinction.
Min for Chooks: (Crows long and loud)
Min for Conformity Any knowledge entity is incomplete if it does not cultivate a dialogue between its forms and practice to advance , define and reform a socially constructed practice. These people are unable to adhere to any significant KPIs
Min for chooks: ((Short crow)
Magus: The minister for conformity will refrain from speaking until asked. I would request that the Minister for chooks also refrain from comment
Min for chooks: (crows in a meaningful way as if he intend meaning)
Magus: From Nabakov; The cradle rocks above an abyss..
Necromancer: and common sense tells us that our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness
Minister for Treason: I will second that motion
Magus The necromancer’s motion shall be put to the vote all those in favour say aye

Magus: The ayes have it, now we request a report from the Minister for Treason
M/treason: The state lies in all languages of good and evil; there is no truth, whatever the state says it lies and whatever it has, it has stolen. Consume be silent and die. Once we confuse the language of good and evil we are dead in the water. I offer you this sign as the sign of the state( performs necessary action) Thus Spake Zarathrustra.
M/conformity: We must counter the shock wave of evil with accelerated rates cuts and with additional tax rebates
Necrom: See how men hide behind their clichés
Min/Arts Ventriloquism is an art that is starting to flourish.
Treasurer: Public funding indicates…z
M/Chooks crows long, gets hysterical has to be restrained by various member of board. Walks on table, is a danger to himself and others
Min/ for daleks begins to exterminate, noise, mayhem. Others join in. Circus like activities with an element of surrealism.
Magus: We will have order, this the 43rd annual general meeting of the Board of Humanity. Gentleman Ladies we have serious matters to discuss. I now call on the Coroner for his Annual general report on the state of the planet and the possibilities for humanity
Min/ for Arts: I am going to argue that we should foreclose on the planet
Min/Conf: Our procedures in respect of the audit of the concise financial and human resources report have included testing in a variety of forums, focus groups and some protocols necessary for full community consultation. However
Min/chooks: crows
Magus A moment, the minister for Chooks if you would desist for a moment
Min/chooks crows
Min /conf….an examination of evidence supporting the amounts, the current deficit
Min/chooks crows
Min Conf.. there is discussion and other disclosures deemed to be directly derive from sound productivity indicators..
Min/chooks crows
Min/conf: There is a lack of moral clarity, compassionate conservatism and cultural relativity, a humane war with sustainable casualties and some collateral damage should solve most pressing and urgent..…
Min chooks and aliens go off again
Magus: Order, order. I call now on the Coroner for a report on the planet

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